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مشاهدة النسخة كاملة : How do to believe in God?

محمد الربيعي24
05-29-2016, 02:37 PM
How do to believe in God?
Why do people have suspicion?
Is philosophy a part of infidelity?
To set up a discussion we need to state some examples however to remind minds for opening thoughts and not to be closed trying to be far away from the truth.
Allah the Great has mentioned a very successful example warning minds and challenge those restricted minds to directly understanding and immediately giving response.
The great matter which discussing the given example is the tiny creature which it is the mosquito which no people yet having the understandable idea how this insect does its function while stinging people, what it does really work or how it does work.
The matter is not simple how this small insect doing its job and at just the infected person by the poison of this insect felling hurting and going into malaise.
This small insect while stinging it injects a material likely to make the blood uncoagulated thus it can suck the blood easily and in the same time, it injects its poisons which it is the parasite of malaria.
If we just look to this small insect and further studying the microbe, which this animal developing it for a long lifecycle into the human body, we shall really ask ourselves; are all these things we notice on the nature are just accidentally things?
If we had to or have to looking carefully studying all features around us, or the phenomena largely happened in the environment again we had to ask many questions perhaps are just funny things or what!
The matter of creating is not a simple thing it does include the reality why this things happens and why not.
It is a rather fact of symboling matters to alongside arranged not neglecting something of a tiny creature.
The wise thing could prove that there is a big creator is to read more on Koran schematically discussing each point on rather of patience and meditation.
Again, to the story of the mosquito, which I set as an example in the beginning, Allah challenges man if he could immediately remove up the inserted material of this tiny insect into human's body.
Yet no any scientist having the quick answer and all the developing medical sciences being disable to successfully deal with the set up exampled I above mentioned.
Many affairs I may drag from other views of my writings on other sites pertaining to the case of religions' conflicts.
This matter of nowadays of conflicting the parts of the world each to another and bringing the doom to the poor nations I more discussed pointing out the reasons that furthermore it is due to the greed nature of the human and not to the difference and contradictories between religions.
It is rather a conflict to obtain the survivorship even it somehow takes a root from here or a reason from there to make pretext of its strategy.
The philosophy is the paved way to reach any opaque idea and then by the help of science we can continue even related to worldly things or religious things.
The philosophy I had given to myself depends on research and not randomly setting facts to gain something of this life but to open minds that the evil will not depart the world and still hidden everywhere to make people going far on conflict.
MMA \ Iraqi translator & writer

05-29-2016, 05:22 PM
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